What Our Customers Think

In finding us an apartment, you really took care of us very well. Thank you very much.

Miho's kind, courteous and thorough support, and her appropriate and timely actions were the reasons we were able to get this apartment.

My husband and I are very happy that we were able to get the apartment we really wanted. We are always talking about the fact that without Miho's efforts, realistically speaking it would have been impossible for us. Thanks to Miho's assistance, we were able to attain happiness in New York.

In the past, we experienced several Real Estate Agents, but they were always only interested in our income or if we can pay the rent. They were very pushy and they only showed us apartments that were easy for them deal with.

With this coop apartment, at the beginning it seemed almost impossible to us. There was so much paperwork and we were feeling so overwhelmed by all the obstacles that seemed to be stacked up ahead for us, that at times we felt very discouraged. But every time Miho was always kind and supportive, and she instructed and guided us through. She said to us, it's okay, don't worry -- let's work through it together. Her words, her integrity and her pro-active approach always encouraged us, and inspired confidence in us that we could overcome all obstacles.

When the time came that we passed the interview, my husband, Miho and I were really happy together. Miho was so happy for us as though she had gotten her own apartment.

Miho always put our feelings first, and we appreciate that so much. Even after her job was done, she e-mailed me to say we should contact her if any problem arises. I knew it wasn't just words -- I really feel she has our best interests at heart.

Lastly, we appreciate that we met Miho through this apartment search. Thank you Miho for giving us such a wonderful apartment.To the many people looking for new apartments, put yourselves in Miho's capable, hard-working hands and wrap yourselves in her warm, caring support.

by Yaeko Kato

"Thanks again for your help…you did a great job."

by RL

"Thanks so much for all you do and all the great energy you carry in your life…You were helpful and needed, and and admired."

by L

This past Saturday we moved into our new home and spent our first night there.

We spent Sunday walking around our new neighborhood. This is belated since we closed some time back but THANKS A MILLION. The work on launching my book in U.K. and NYC kept us from moving sooner.

As as we settled in, it seemed like had finally come to a close of the long journey in finding our perfect home and the place we will put down some roots. I am so grateful that we had you two to guide us with a steady hand from the get-go. Our ''triangle'' and the long list of requirements we had have been ticked off.

It has always been important for Scott to live near his network of clinics and the hospital and that we have achieved. While I needed a park with tennis courts and swimming pool nearby, a functioning library and access to subway lines for me to feel super comfortable. We have all that and more. A beautiful house, good neighbors so far, and all in a borough I resisted.

It certainly isn''t easy buying that first home, but your steady hands, constant communication and easy explanations for complicated matters made this so much easier for us. I realize that my frequent travel abroad may not have made me the easiest client but you guys persevered and showed us all the options when I was around. You are a magnificent team and the combination of a light touch when needed and constant flow and explanations of the process was helpful.

Thank for prompting us to get our paperwork, finances and everything else ready before the financial brokers asked. All the recommendations for lawyers, home inspectors et al You know your stuff and your clients will always come out on top with this kind of attention to detail, early anticipation and generally calming our frayed nerves when things seemed to be going sour. We are very grateful for your professionalism, patience, kindness and generally being on our side. We never felt like you guys were our brokers we felt and feel like your team were our friends helping us.

When my friends are looking for homes, I know where to point them and will know for certain they will be in great hands!

A million thanks,

by F.Edozien and S.Ikeda