What Our Customers Think

Rosia is a pleasure to work with and is very professional and courteous
with everyone involved in the purchase and sale of a property. Highly recommended!

by Jess

Michele is one of those people I am very proud and eager to recommend. She helped me to find and close on one of the most difficult purchase I ever heard and could even imagine. It was a foreclosure/HDFC apartment in Harlem, a fantastic place. It took us 6 months to close... a true battle! But Michele was there with every single step from the first day I visited the apt until the day I closed. She never gave up despite the difficulties of the sale. Michele is honest, genuine, extremely loyal and she will fight for you… She will find your dream home.

by Sylvaine Barbero

"I don''t need to tell anyone who has met Andy what a warm, personable man he is; underneath that exterior is a person with an exceptional work ethic who takes great professional pride in his projects. I know Andy well as a former colleague at CNN. If you are in the real estate market either as a buyer or seller, I urge you to give Andy a call. I know he will be committed to your satisfaction."

by Bill Tucker

I was referred to Rosia through the realtor who found my NYC apartment
for me 4 1/2 years ago. Nearly 6 months into my current lease I landed a
job outside Boston and so needed to negotiate the delicate matter of assigning
my lease for the remaining 6 months. I initially attempted to find a
replacement on my own through Craigslist, but that proved too complicated
so I contacted Rosia. Within days things started cooking and while we
are not quite at the finish line yet, it''s a sense of relief to have someone capable
handling this super complicated transaction. I particularly admire
her sense of ethics and integrity, and her unwillingness to over-promise. I
would highly recommend her.Regina

by Regina