November 2013 by Ian M.
I worked with Janice Tsao from Level Group to first buy, and then to let my apartment. I was a first-timer in both of these respects and she always took the time to answer my questions and talk me through the whole process, and very pro-actively told me what to look out for and made sure I was aware of what was going on.

Throughout the process I was always waiting for someone - a managing agent, the bank, a seller''s agent, but no-one ever had to wait for Janice, as she always had everything prepared in advance and made sure that I did too.

Highly recommended, many thanks!

November 2013 by Alicia V.
I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism. As I told you in person, I have to reiterate it in writing, you have been wonderful to deal with and what really struck me the most is that you ‘really care’ about the needs of your clients especially in these challenging times. I wish you lots of success and please keep bringing clients to all our properties.

November 2013 by Sonal S.
She was really helpful during the lease signing process. She took notes for me at the building management office about the next steps needed to finalize the paperwork.

She helped me negotiate down extra security requested due to not meeting the salary requirement. She even gave me a phone number of a mover who charges reasonable rates. Janice will definitely make you feel comfortable and you will feel like you are looking for an apartment with a friend. I highly recommend her. Call her!

November 2013
I had a great experience with Janice. I instantly liked her when I met her—she wanted to know me as a person, not a client. She didn't just try to understand my parameters (the type of apartment, location, budget, etc.), but she understood the ‘personality aspect’ of an apartment–the things that make an apartment feel like home.

I was feeling really anxious about the search, but Janice made me feel relaxed. She is responsive and responsible. I was looking for an apartment for a while, but Janice made me a priority and showed me apartments the very next day, including the one I took.