January 2019 by Sami H. , Cobble Hill 2BR , Cobble Hill
It was a pleasure working with Chris. Even though we decided to go in a different direction with our final decision, Chris was patient, respectful, knowledgeable and fair throughout our process of finding a home. I wish for more people to have the experience of dealing with a realtor like Chris in the future if only to make the process of moving not quite so unbearable in this city.

September 2018 by Andrea T. , Sunnyside 1BR , Sunnyside
Chris was super helpful in our home search. Incredibly knowledgeable and thorough (did research into every building we were considering and gave us detailed info about what he found- good or bad). Unlike a few other people we had worked with in the past, we felt no pressure from him what-so-ever to make decisions or compromises, he was just there to guide us along in our process until we found something we were happy with. Would highly recommend!!!

August 2018 by Charlie D. , Lefferts Gardens 2BR , Lefferts Gardens
This was my second time looking for an apartment and I couldn''t have asked for a better real estate pro than Chris to help me and my roommate through the process. At every step he answered every question promptly and with honest detail that put us at ease. He was a big part of us settling on our beautiful new home as quickly and with as little stress as possible. We''re lucky to have crossed paths with him.

February 2018 by Giovanni B. & Steven D. , East Flatbush 2-Family Home , East Flatbush
My husband and I could not have asked for a better person to help us navigate the NYC real estate terrain. Chris is patient, flexible, professional and has excellent negotiating skills. He helped us find our first apartment, our first home and our first tenants! We would highly recommend his services and expertise to anyone who is looking to purchase an apartment or their first home!

November 2017 by Luba P. , Brooklyn Heights 1BR Co-op , Brooklyn Heights
Chris is an outstanding, hard working, extremely patient real estate agent who helped me find an amazing new home. His flexibility, professionalism and great knowledge of the local market are just a few of his qualities. He went above and beyond his responsibilities to make sure I found what I was looking for. His friendly, calm demeanor was exactly what I needed in stressful times of moving homes. He always had great advice, took me through each step of the process and made purchasing my first apartment a great experience for me. I would highly recommend him.

August 2017 by Grace S. , Park Slope 1BR , Park Slope
Chris was so willing to help me and understood my complicated cross-country moving situation! He connected with me before I even got to the city to answer some questions I had, then when I was here he took the time to set up an initial call about what I was looking for and any "deal-breaker" amenities I wanted in an apartment. Though I ended up finding an apartment elsewhere, I was impressed with how Chris was so friendly and responsive. I felt fully confident he had my best interest in mind!

December 2015 by Matthew T. , Crown Heights 1BR + Eat-In Kitchen , Crown Heights
Chris was a huge help when my girlfriend and I began looking for our first apartment together. He initially responded to us contacting him about an apartment that ended up being out of our price range, then assessed our needs and was able to show us a handful of places that all had elements we loved. When we saw the final place, we knew we were home. He guided us through a fairly rigorous application process, quickly answering any questions that we had and liaising with the management company on our behalf. Once it was all said and done, we found his fee to be very reasonable for the amount of work he put forth on our behalf.

December 2015 by Amy M. , Crown Heights Studio , Crown Heights
Chris was great from beginning to end and well worth the fee! It's hard to find an honest broker, especially in New York City, but Chris made me feel at ease throughout the whole rental process. He stayed in contact with me frequently to keep me updated with the management renovations/move-in date and even went the extra mile to meet me at my job and deliver my lease personally when I couldn't get the time off early from work. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking!